Fully Funded Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 | How To Apply

Your dream of studying in commonwealth countries abroad is now feasible, this is the time for you as a young person to take action towards achieving your goal of schooling abroad, Good news!, the Queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarship application is now open, we advise you to follow this article with all your concentrations so that you will understand how to best apply for this scholarship program, I will go further to give you every single details you need to get this scholarship program, and will further elaborate more on the benefits, and step by step process of submitting your application

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What Do I Mean By Common Wealth Scholarship?

Commonwealth Scholarships are a competitive and prestigious program of scholarships for graduate study and professional development offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC). These scholarships are for citizens of Commonwealth countries, with priority given to those from developing countries.

I will like you to note that Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is a fully funded master’s scholarship for international students from commonwealth member states. The scholarship organizers ensured that they made provisions for the following

  • Full Tuition Fees,
  • Living Allowance,
  • Return Tickets,
  • Arrival Allowance And
  • Research Grant.

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This Commonwealth scholarship is designed to favour students who are committed to creating change in their communities, states, and countries as a whole, this scholarship will serve as a life-changing opportunity for the student to experience a new country and culture, and as well as broaden horizons, and to build a global network that will last a lifetime.

The most important thing to note is that there is no application fee charged by the QECS. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars help bring about positive change and find solutions. And is also deserving for you to also know that The current hosts of the QECS awards are only those listed on the QECS official website. It is also necessary you know that in a situation where a country/university is not listed on the website, it means that they are not a host for the current cycle of awards. In some cases this may be due to the timing of the application cycle, for example, some institutions have an academic year starting in January/February therefore they would be included in the second cycle of awards. Please keep an eye on the website for more details on those institutions/countries that will be included in the second application cycle.

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Well-detailed Summary of QECS Scholarship 2023

Here is a well-detailed summary of the scholarship

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Host Countries: Bangladesh, ESwatini, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania ETC
  • Program Period: 2 years

Some Host Universities for Commonwealth Scholarships  2023

Here is a list of some of the universities offering the commonwealth scholarships in 2023

  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • University of Mauritius
  • COMSATS University Islamabad
  • University of Rwanda
  • The State University of Zanzibar University of Dhaka
  • University of Eswatini
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana
  • The University of the West Indies
  • Technical University of Kenya
  • University of Nairobi
  • Universiti Malaya

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Commonwealth Scholarship Coverage

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship provides every recipient of the scholarship with the following benefits:

  • The full tuition fee waiver will be provided.
  • A scholar will be receiving living expenses.
  • Return tickets will be provided.
  • An arrival allowance will also be provided.
  • A research grant will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria for the Commonwealth Scholarship

For to be eligible for this scholarship program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Required Language: Check University requirements.
  • Eligible Countries: Citizen of a commonwealth country.
  • A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • A candidate must be aware that he or she is going to study in a lower or middle-income country.

How to Apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023?

Everyone that wants to apply for this Queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarship should ensure that they follow the steps listed below,

  1. Every applicant should ensure that they apply for the university that is mentioned in the list on the official website.
  2. On no account should any host university entertain any participant in the UK, Canada, or Australia.
  3. There are two cycles for applying each year, a candidate needs to look into the country/university that would determine in which cycle he should apply.
  4. An applicant can not apply to more than one university or country.
  5. After the acknowledgment of the above information, a candidate can apply via the official website along with the required documents and correct information.


Here is the website to apply for this scholarship:

Official Website


  1. Who is eligible to apply for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships?

The scholarships are open to citizens of low- and middle-income Commonwealth countries who meet the academic and other criteria set by the program.

  1. What are the selection criteria for the scholarships?

The selection criteria vary depending on the university and program but generally include academic merit, the potential for leadership, and the relevance of the proposed study to the candidate’s home country.

  1. What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers tuition fees, a living allowance, return airfare, and other related expenses such as study materials, research, and travel.

  1. How long does the scholarship last?

The scholarship lasts for the duration of the graduate program, typically 2 years for a Masters’s program and 3-4 years for a Ph.D. program.

  1. Can I apply for a scholarship if I am already studying in the host country?

It depends on the specific program and university, so it is best to check the individual program’s website. Some universities may not accept applicants who are already in the host country.


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