24+ Undergraduate Scholarships For Law Students 2023/2024

The Law profession is widely regarded by people  as “noble” and “learned.” Monetary or mental deficiency is not a trademark for lawyers.

For law students looking for scholarships, this well-researched article will give you full details of 24+ Undergraduate Scholarships for Law students In 2023/2024

According to the popular website excessofdemocracy.com, law schools experienced a significant decline in enrollment.

However, the total number of students receiving scholarships increased, from 70,403 to 73,323. This means a great opportunity for any aspiring law student seeking admission in 2022/2023.

However, If you are interested in reducing the cost of the money you will spend in Law school, you will need to check out these Undergraduate Scholarships for Law Students in 2022/2023 and start your application process.

Undergraduate Scholarships For Law Students

What  Is The Percentage of Law Students who Get Scholarships?

In the last three years, most law schools have become more affordable as measured by indebtedness at graduation.

The debt reduction is the existence of scholarships and financial aid.

It is amazing the number of law schools that offer significant amounts of scholarships to their students.

While the number of schools that offer scholarships increases, students receiving scholarships increases significantly.

om research, over 70% of law students receive scholarships and financial aid from their respective law schools.

However, these scholarships vary by school and individual quest for low tuition fees. Students apply for over one scholarship and get at least one, while some enjoy full-tuition scholarships.

To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you need to apply for several law scholarships. We have a full list of law scholarships for undergraduate students listed in this article.

Are there Fully Funded Scholarships to Law School?

YES! Full tuition undergraduate scholarships for Law students exist.

A huge number of law students go to law school and graduate with a big debt from their study expenses.

To reduce such a large amount of debt, most schools offer fully-funded scholarships and financial aid to their law student.

These fully-funded scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, books, and many other college expenses.

These scholarships helps in reducing the high cost of going to law school.

List of 24+ Undergraduate Scholarships For Law Students 2023/2024

#1. Water Law & Policy Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 1

This scholarship is sponsored by the Association for California Water Agencies, or ACWA. It awards $7,000 to graduate students who are in pursuit of degrees in law, public policy, and/or public administration with a focus on water resources.

Applicants must

  • have earned an undergraduate degree by the academic year of an award
  • have enrolled in a minimum of 8 credits of graduate coursework for each academic term of an award year
  • plan to be in attendance for an entire academic year of an award
  • demonstrate a need for financial support
  • demonstrate outstanding performance in academics

Scholarship link:  

Undergraduate Scholarships For Law

#2. Chief Justice John B. Doolin Writing Competition

Application Deadline: March 15

This scholarship operates under joint sponsorship by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission, Oklahoma Arts Council, and Sovereignty Symposium, Inc. Students of accredited U.S. or Canadian law schools can be part of this competition.

In award decisions, a primary influential factor is a comprehensive legal essay that engages in a discussion on any legal area about Native Americans or other indigenous groups.

All references and research are mandatory to be drawn from a designated collection of legal and scholarly works of history.

The award amount of $500, $300, and $200 will be given to the first, second, and third runners-up respectively.

Scholarship link: 

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#3. Otto M. Stanfield Law Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 15

The wife of the named honoree of this scholarship funds this scholarship. They award this scholarship annually in varying amounts to law students of Unitarian Universalist faiths.

Applicants must:

  • be entering or current graduate-level law students
  • be in an active relationship with Unitarian Universalism
  • have demonstrated a need for finance
  • have enrolled at an accredited institution

The scholarships are non-renewable and reapplication may be sent in by recipients yearly.

Scholarship link: 

#4. Edward Traurig Scholarship

Application Deadline: April of each year

The fund for this scholarship is sponsored by Connecticut’s Waterbury Bar Association. It gives an annual award of $1,000 to assist deceased members’ children in pursuit of a law degree.

Applicants must be:

  • residing in the Judicial District of the Connecticut Waterbury
  • a law student entering the second or third year
  • enrolled full or part-time at a school accredited by ABA

Scholarship link: 

#5. National Black Law Student Association, or NBLSA, Scholarships

Application Deadline: January

Four scholarships that make annual awards in varying amounts to assist worthy members are sponsored by NBLSA in pursuit of graduate legal education.

Applicants must:

  • be African American
  • show outstanding legal scholarship
  • be active NBLSA members in good standing
  • be Full-time students of law or pre-law

Scholarship link: 

#6. Frankel Fellowships

This program is sponsored by Human Rights First (HRF), independent advocacy, and activist organizations.

It is a memorial program and they aim to advance its agendas by funding the externship of law students that gives facilitation public interests.

Stipends of $500 to $2,000 for a non-paying or low-paying summer legal job in a public service job are received by Frankel fellows.

Applicants must:

  • have completed the first or second year of law school by May before the beginning of a job
  • exhibiting exemplary character, outstanding discretion, and dedication, and a high potential for leadership in the community.
  • have demonstrated commitment to policy service, through academic, vocational, and volunteer activities

Scholarship link: 

#7. Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the son of its named honoree. It assists deserving graduate students in conducting comprehensive research projects into wildlife conservation. There’s variation in the number of annual awards but historically, it has been placed at $10,000.

Applicants must:

  • have strong qualifications in academics
  • have academic and/or career goals to make significant positive differences in the protection of U.S. wilderness

Scholarship link: 

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#8. Hatton W. Sumners Law Scholarship

This program is sponsored by the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation and advances its mission of bringing promotion to self-government by awarding fees and full tuition, a book allowance, and a living stipend for three years to several legal scholars yearly.

Applicants must:

  • have ranked within the top third of their class each year
  • attend law school at Southern Methodist University or Oklahoma City University
  • have demonstrated leadership capacity and civic engagement

Finalists are given an on-campus interview by the members of the scholarship selection committee.

Scholarship link: 

#9. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP-Ralph K. Frasier Scholarship – Cleveland

This scholarship is one of the undergraduate scholarships for law students. It is sponsored by an international law firm. The fund makes a non-renewable annual award of up to $5,000 to minority legal scholars at institutions in Ohio.

Applicants must:

  • be of minority racial or ethnic origin
  • students of the law who are in their first year at Ohio State University or Capital University

A summer law clerkship is also given to successful applicants.

Scholarship link: 

#10. Jan Jancin Award

The fund that sponsors these awards of $2,500 and $5,000 annually is provided by the American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation or AIPLEF to two legal scholars who exhibit excellence in the study of intellectual property law.

The consideration of all applicants is only by a nomination of AIPLEF law schools.

Scholarship link: 

#11. Leesfield Law Student Scholarship

This fund is jointly sponsored by the American Association for Justice, or AAJ, and Ira Leesfield. It awards $2,000 for the assistance of exemplary law students that attend the AAJ Annual Convention.

Applications must:

  • be members of AAJ Law Student
  • be in the first or second year of study at an accredited law school
  • need for finance
  • exhibit high potential for career success in public justice or trial advocacy

Scholarship link: 

#12. Legal Support Professionals of Iowa Scholarship, or LSPI

This is a merit-based scholarship made available to help its members obtain higher learning in legal fields that are education-related. The number and amount of annual awards are not constant.

Applicants must:

  • be a high school senior or enrolled at least part-time in an institution of postsecondary education.
  • have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • be a resident of Iowa
  • be an active member of LSPI

Scholarship link: 

#13. Lim, Ruger & Kim Scholarship

Application Deadline: September 1

Several scholarships are offered by the National Asian-Pacific American Bar Association or NAPABA.

These scholarships grant $2,500 annual awards to law students with the potential for service in the future to the community of Asia Pacific America.

Applicants must:

  • be attending an accredited law school
  • have a good standing in academics
  • have demonstrated a commitment to and interest in the public interest, public service, and/or pro bono legal work
  • demonstrate the potential for leadership, maturity, and responsibility
  • have financial need
  • demonstrate a commitment to the needs of serving the Asian Pacific American community

Scholarship link: 

#14. Madeline B. McCrum Fund

Applicant Deadline: January 15

Madeline B. McCrum Fund is sponsored by the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. Two renewable awards of $1,000 are provided by this fund to law students of West Virginia.

Applicants must:

  • be residents of West Virginia
  • have a GPA of at least 2.5
  • be enrolled full-time at West Virginia University College of Law
  • have a minimum ACT score of 20
  • have demonstrated a morally good character

Scholarship link: 

#15. FBI Leadership Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. and is aimed at helping a deserving student possessing high potential for legal leadership.

The organization organizes an annual Youth League Program for the current session and there is applicants’ participation in it. They design the program to exemplify the basis of the selection of the recipient. The selection is done by YLP staff.

A full refund of all YLP registration fees and a $500.00 Certificate of Deposit from the Justice Federal Credit Union will be given to the chosen recipient.

Scholarship link: 

#16. Miller Johnson West Michigan Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation in Michigan as part of its mission towards the promotion of community diversity, inclusivity, and racism-free. The number and amount of annual awards are not constant.

Applicants must:

  • be Hispanic, Native American, African American, Asian, or a Pacific Islander
  • be accepted by or attend an accredited U.S. law school
  • have a permanent address in Michigan
  • demonstrate a need for finance
  • be a citizen of the U.S.
  • have a GPA of at least 3.0

Scholarship link: 

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#17. Dallas Area Paralegal Association, DAPA, Scholarship

Application Deadline: Varies

This scholarship is sponsored by DAPA and makes annual awards of $500 to $1,500 to three worthy paralegal students.

Applicants must:

  • be enrolled in a minimum of credit six hours at a postsecondary paralegal program in Greater Dallas/Fort Worth or a contiguous county
  • be attending an institution accredited by the American Bar Association, or ABA
  • have demonstrated a need for finance
  • submit an application that is fully completed and all required supporting materials online by the deadline designated for this application.

Recipients who are chosen and who meet all eligibility criteria may send in reapplication yearly.

Scholarship link: 

#18. Peggy KommerNovosad Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is administered by Michigan’s Grand Rapid Community Foundation. It offers a varying number of awards in varying amounts to law students from Kent County, MI.

Applicants must:

  • be a resident of Kent County, MI
  • hold an undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University or Michigan State
  • be a full-time student of an accredited law school in Michigan
  • have a GPA of at least 3.5
  • demonstrate a need for finance

Scholarship link: 

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#19. Islamic Scholarship Fund, or ISF

Application Deadline: Varies

ISF collaborates with various partner organizations in sponsoring several scholarships that make annual awards with variations in amounts and numbers.

The motivation for this generosity is from ISF’s main agenda of bringing improvement to the understanding and acceptance of Islam and its practitioners by increasing Muslim representation within professions that are influential on public policy and opinion.

Applicants must:

  • be attending an accredited institution by August of the year of an award
  • be majoring in an ISF-supported major
  • have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • be citizens of the U.S. or have permanent legal residency

Scholarship link:

#20. Public Interest Scholarship Competition

Several national competition sponsors the American Bar Association Law Student Division or ABA LSD, wherein an annual award of various amounts is given to winning participants.

These ABA LSD programs aim to help aspiring attorneys develop practical skills to a high degree of competence at an early stage.

Scholarship link:  

#21. Roscoe Hogan Environmental Law Essay Contest

Application Deadline: January 31

Now known as the Hogan/Smoger Access to Justice Essay Contest, this annual competition is sponsored by the Public Justice Foundation and awards $5,000 to the winning entrant.

Applicants must:

  • be attending an accredited U.S. law school
  • submit essay entry via a faculty advisor

Scholarship link: 

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#22. Trial Advocacy Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the American Association for Justice, or AAJ, which awards $2,500 to an AAJ law student member yearly.

Applicants must:

  • be an AAJ Law Student Member
  • demonstrate dedication to the mission of AAJ, by extensive involvement in the activities of the AAJ Student Chapter
  • show a need for finance
  • express the desire for victim advocacy

Scholarship link:   

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#23. Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1998 by the San Francisco Bar Association to reaffirm legal education and professional diversity.

The invitation of its beginning came up by the end of affirmative action and race-based admissions preference throughout the University of California institutional system.

Successful applicants receive an annual award amount of $10,000 renewable for up to three academic years of advanced legal studies. Of late, this program has awarded $1.5 million to eighty deserving legal scholars.

Scholarship link: 

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 #25. Willard & Donna Mullan Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 17

This fund is sponsored by the Humboldt Area Foundation. It takes eight to twelve annual awards of $1,000 to $2,000 aimed at helping deserving students who are in pursuit of careers as court reporters, paralegals, and legal secretaries.

Applicants must:
• Have gained full-time enrollment in the College of the Redwoods
• Be in pursuit of studies to become a court reporter, paralegal, or legal secretary

There is often a challenge for aspiring lawyers who are unable to balance bank accounts with law school bursar bills.

An applicant is to prove worthy to enter the ranks of his/her elite chosen profession by pursuing higher education funding with these great scholarships for law students.

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