Are you staying in Texas? Do you want to learn how to drive? Think no more; Lubbock driving schools are for you; there are over 40 driving schools in Lubbock, Texas, where you can learn to drive.

What is driving school?

According to WikipediaDriving school is a formal class or program that prepares a new driver to obtain a learner’s permit or driver’s license. The standard class program may also prepare existing license holders for an overseas license conversion, medical assessment driving test, or refresher course. It may occur in a classroom, in a vehicle, online, or a combination of the above.

However, this article concentrates on the best driving schools in Lubbock.

Lubbock is a great city in Texas, and it is one of the most beautiful places to live in Texas,



6 Top Best Driving schools in Lubbock

#1.Lubbock Driving School, Lubbock, TX

Location: Lubbock, TX / Online

Course Length: 2 hours – 1 month

Price: $35 – $600

Programs: all (4)

About Lubbock Driving School

Lubbock Driving School is located in Lubbock, TX, and offers classes online. Lubbock Driving School is a great place to train your teens on driving safely. Joe and Yvette Moore are the owners of the Lubbock Driving School. They are committed to creating safe drivers by providing quality education. The driving school offers a road skills test at a reasonable rate. Lubbock Driving School, students can get an adult 6 hours driver education class at $75. Gift certificates are available here. Each driving lesson will focus on you, and your instructor will tailor each lesson to suit your individual needs. They will help you to learn at your speed.

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This school offers a program that provides training for qualifications, including Texas Driver’s License. The time to complete this education training is 32 hours. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself.”

The most commonly reported benefits of attending Lubbock Driving School are “Good teachers” and “Flexible class hours,” but respondents also mentioned, “Positive environment” and “Affordable” as notable benefits. Lubbock Driving School has been reviewed ten times, with an average rating of 4.60 out of 5. About 90% of reviewers would recommend Lubbock Driving School to a friend.


Teens and Adults Driver Education, 32 Hrs of Classroom Instruction, Permit Test, 14 Hour Drive Time (7 Drive/ 7 Observation), Defensive Driving Procedure, Rules of the Road & Ticket Dismissal Courses

The school can be reached through the following channels

[email protected]



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Programs and Certifications

  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Driver’s License
  • Prize: $35


5135 69th Street, Suite A, Lubbock, TX 79424 DIRECTIONS

Drive Trainers is Lubbock’s full-service driving school that was established by Cindi Newlin, who has over 32 years of teaching experience, plus 20 years of driver education & driving safety teaching areas. Drive Trainers offers a unique driver training program option for all ages that exceeds the curriculum of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Driver Education and Driving Safety curriculum standards. Their driver training programs are for adults and teenagers to obtain a driver’s license & have positive experiences behind the wheel. They offer many classroom presentation opportunities for a ticket dismissal for all Moving Violations, including Seatbelt instances and Minors involved in Alcohol and Drug-related offenses. They pride themselves on staying current on all laws and being active in the legislative process in Texas.


Roadway Driver License Testing, Private Lessons, Seatbelt Safety Course, Alive at 25 Course, Teens, Driver’s Self Defense Class, Minor, and Adult Driver Education, 4 Hr Defensive, Drugs, and Alcohol Driving Awareness, Safety in-Service Training Courses, Road Instructor Training for DrEd, DDC, OCPS & DADAP

License #C2318

You can contact them through the following channels

[email protected]

visit the school website


406 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79401 DIRECTIONS

EZ Defensive Driving school is the State of Texas driving school. They are one of the best in-person defensive driving schools in Lubbock, Texas. Students can get a free buffet with an in-person class on Saturday. Their trained teachers are professional, patient, and able to make even the most nervous students feel comfortable behind the wheel. Students can also receive a defensive driving class for ticket dismissal & insurance discount at only $35, with free notarizing and help with your forms. Flexible payment options are available for your comfort.

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Defensive Driving Techniques, Parallel Parking, Lane Change, Emergency-Brake, Online Driving Course, Quick Stop, Right and Left Turns, Traffic Signs, Signals, Backing Up, Proper Speed, Coming to a Smooth Stop, Freeway Driving, U-Turns & Night Driving

Visit School Website

#4.Asian-Driving School

The Asian driving school is one of the best driving schools in Lubbock; it does the following.

  • Serving the Lubbock Area
  • Driving Lessons – Four Wheeler Driving Lessons,
  • Experience – 0-5 years
  • Adult and Teen Driving Lessons or Courses

The Asian driving school instructors are professional, experienced, friendly, patient, polite, energetic, funny, and calm. These traits help our new drivers tackle their weaknesses effectively and relieve their stress and anxiety. Our school provides students with both Driver’s Education and Behind-The-Wheel Training. Our goal is to teach new drivers how to become defensive drivers on the road. Topline Traffic Driving School students should be satisfied with our reasonable prices and exceptional driving programs. We make sure that scheduling a time and date which is most suitable.

#5.Around Town Driving School

Around Town, driving school is one of the best driving schools in Lubbock, Texas. It has excellent instructors and a better learning environment.

  • Serving the Lubbock Area
  • Driving Lessons – Two Wheeler Driving Lessons, +1 more
  • Experience – Above 28 Years

Around Town, Driving is a professional driving school that serves the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area by providing top-notch driver training. Instructors are authentic, humble, and honest people who will work relentlessly to ensure you achieve your certification in driving a motor vehicle. With 29 years of experience, you will find more with ATD in 1 hour than 4 hours with the other guys. We have taught ALL cultures and races. Adults have to overcome many difficulties with language and surroundings. The DFW area traffic is much heavier than in a small town in South Africa or a city.

Visit The School Website

#6.A Addison Driving School

  • Serving the Lubbock Area
  • Driving Lessons – Four Wheeler Driving Lessons,
  • Experience – 5-15 years

A Adisson Driving School provides excellent instruction and will get you on the road fast. We are a Texas-authorized driving school with State-approved instructors. Our instructors are professional, patient, friendly, reliable, and licensed by the State of Texas. Our services include Teens Driver Education course, Adults Driver Education, and Door-to-door pickup and drop-off service for adults. Whether you require our Teens program, Private one-on-one lessons, highway lessons, or road test preparation service, which includes instruction in parallel parking, freeway driving,

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

These are some of the frequently asked questions about driving schools in Lubbock

  1. What are some popular services for driving to schools?

Some popular services for driving schools include:

Virtual Classes

  1. What are some highly-rated driving schools in Lubbock, TX?

These are some highly-rated driving schools in Lubbock, TX:

  • Ez Defensive Driving At River Smiths
  • Texas Tech University
  • Lubbock Driving School
  • Lubbock Driving School
  • Texas Defensive Driving School
  1. What are some driving schools with many reviews in Lubbock, TX?

These are some driving schools with a large number of reviews in Lubbock, TX:

  • Texas Tech University (32 reviews)
  • Lubbock Driving School (2 reviews)
  • Ez Defensive Driving At River Smiths (1 review)
  • Lubbock Driving School (0 reviews)
  • Texas Defensive Driving School (0 reviews)




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