Top 25 best ballet schools in the world

Best ballet schools in the world – Ballet is one of the oldest dance styles in the world and requires a lot of training and talent to excel in it. This dance was introduced by the Italian Renaissance courts in the fifteenth century but it was until Catherine de Medici who was married to King Henry II of France became a huge fan did it get the much-needed recognition.

Catherine de Medici who was a wealthy Italian woman sponsored the ballet in the French court and its popularity grew to what we can see today.

Dance is a global art form. It expresses ideas, moods, and feelings in a measured creative form.

best ballet school in the world

According to Wikipedia, dance is a performing art form consisting of sequences of movement, either improvised or purposefully selected. This movement has aesthetic and often symbolic value.

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Also, it can be a fun activity for winding down and for enjoying during leisure. But over the years dance has become more than just a hobby or leisurely activity. Pedagogy, kinesiology, and history are some of the key areas of dance.

And many who want to feature brightly in the field know that shaking to rhythmic beats is no longer enough. They will need to go to school to attain professional status.

So if you can wow us bathroom dancers and desire an audience larger than your nuclear family,  this article is for you. You are sure to discover many ballet schools near you.

Here, you will learn about the  best dance schools, offering world-class dance lessons to students in various dance categories.

Today we have ballet schools in almost every corner of the world but some ballet schools surpass others making them the best in the world.


Benefits of  attending ballet schools/ Dance schools

  1. Ballet helps boost your confidence.
  2. Ballet dancers can easily get into sports.
  3. It makes you flexible.
  4. Ballet stimulates creativity.
  5. It releases hormones that keep you happy and in a good mood.
  6. Ballet improves your posture and saves you from the dangers of bad postures.

What is the best age to start ballet?

The ideal age to start learning ballet is 4 or 5 years. At this age, the student can understand instructions and follow them. 7 to 9 years is also a good age to start ballet. The earlier the better.

How long does it take to learn ballet?

 Learning ballet is a gradual process but if you want to make it to the professional scene, you need 9 years of training.

Why Attend The Best Dance School in the World

Dance programs give students the chance to study their passion and hone their skills. It’s a great avenue for those who want to venture into the world of performing arts. Simply put, talent is not usually enough. That is why dance programs teach dance techniques. And also explain the theory behind different movements including how far culture has affected dance.

Teaching dance to students also helps them to appreciate these cultures, meet professionals, and establish lifelong contact with friends.

You can get your dance education at universities or special schools for performing arts. For instance, a two-year diploma of higher studies will expand your knowledge and research skills and introduce you to basic dance concepts. You may then decide to take it up to the bachelor’s level.


This level requires more hours plus dance-intensive modules. Some people later go on to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts. This will equip them to teach dance in schools. These programs are very practical in nature except a Ph.D. which focuses mainly on research.

best ballet schools in the world

What are the Best Dance Schools in the World 2022/2023 ?

We selected these schools based on alumni success, faculty prestige, access to great opportunities, and their rankings in terms of diversity. We also considered the admission ratio, tuition, and size of the class.

The best dance schools will train your body and mind. Also, you will learn how to prevent injuries and ease the pain. These schools offer courses in teaching methods. They also focus on key areas such as somatic, kinesiology, movement therapy, and wellness/nutrition.

Clearly, there are many benefits to investing in an accredited program.

Why Teach Dance in School

Since dancing is more than a series of steps or innate skills, it is important to teach it in schools. Students learn teamwork, focus, and discipline. Furthermore, these schools help to ignite their creativity. And sharpens new perceptions and ways of thinking.

Moreover, dancing can influence other areas of life by instilling focus, concentration, discipline including observational skills. By teaching dance, students also become self-aware and can perceive the world in an artistic manner.

Core and elective dance modules differ among institutions, but here are some common areas of focus:

Dance technique, performance and  management

Principles of dance teaching and practice

history of dance and cultural trends.



 How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Dance school?

The cost depends on your preference. If you want to learn dance as a hobby, then you can attend a random dance studio.

Here are the best dance schools in the world.

  • The Julliard School
  • Brenau University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Skidmore College
  • University of Rochester
  • Fordham University
  • The Hammond School
  • University of Cumbria
  • Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Brent Street School
  • Butler University
  • University of Buffalo, SUNY
  • Point Park University
  • The Place
  • The Royal Ballet School – London
  1. The Julliard School of Dance – New York, New York, United States of America

The Julliard School shines bright on this list. This world-famous institution opened in 1905 and quickly became one of the best. However, Julliard established its dance division was 1951. This school represents quality and selects just a few of the best per time.

Founded by Dr. Frank Damrosch as the Institute of Musical Art. Dr. Damrosch wanted to ensure American musicians an opportunity to study in an advanced setting without having to leave the country. The response was tremendous and the first year’s enrollment exceeded their expected numbers by five times. Unable to hold all those students the school expanded and moved in 1910 toward Columbia University. In 1924, when Augustus Juilliard passed on, he left his textile fortune to the school, and thus the Juilliard Graduate School was founded in 1924. The dance division was not established until 1951. Since then Juilliard has maintained its reputation as one of the world’s finest musical institutions

It isn’t just popular for its world-class training. In the same measure, it is widely known as one of the world’s leading drama and music schools. This prestigious private conservatory is in New York City, United States. Julliard offers a 4-year undergraduate program that leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

This includes a liberal arts curriculum. Students learn ballet, modern and contemporary techniques, hip hop, ethics, music studies, stagecraft, kinesiology, and acting for dancers. The Julliard School (Julliard) is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Founded In: 1905

Tuition: $68,968 (before aid)

Acceptance Rate: 7%

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  1. Brenau University

Brenau University tops the chart as one of the best schools for dance. It has one of the best departments for dance. The department will prepare you to become a professional dancer, scholar, and artist in a conducive learning environment. This school is home to options. You can acquire your  B.A. with a focus in modern dance, advanced ballet, jazz/musical theater. Also, dance pedagogy, even pre-occupational and pre-physical therapy are all part of the options.

Also, the small student-faculty ratio and a mentorship program will position you for personal and professional growth. And your capstone project and artist statement will greatly benefit you. Moreover, fitness is a big deal in this University. Brenau East, another fitness studio in Brenau contains a well-equipped Pilates studio and two more large studio spaces.

What’s more? You can hardly ever suffer a dull moment. Because its two weeks summer dance program packs in ballroom dancing, pointe, West African dance, and yoga classes. Brenau University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Tuition: $31,720

Acceptance Rate: 64%

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  1. Vanderbilt University

Initially, Vanderbilt University was a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1873. It is an accredited university by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and one of the best dance schools in the world.

The student-to-faculty ratio is about 7:1 and the acceptance rate is 9 percent. So, If you long for world-class training in classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap, and other dance techniques, then you should consider this University.

Founded In: 1873

Tuition: $73,148 (before aid)

Acceptance Rate: 9%

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  1. Skidmore College

This top liberal arts college stands tall in Saratoga Springs, New York. Travel & Leisure says its suburb is one of “America’s best college towns.” Skidmore College offers 2 Dance Degree programs. Creativity and innovation are some of its core beliefs. If you ask us, this is very crucial in performing arts.

Furthermore, the school is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Faculty to student ratio is about 8:1 with a 30 percent acceptance rate

Founded In: 1920

Tuition: $58,128 (before aid)

Acceptance Rate: 30%

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  1. University of Rochester

Rochester is a highly rated private university located in New York. It ranked highly among the best dance colleges in NY. Rochester University explores dance in many forms even as a form of spiritual practice. Guest artists are also invited to the faculty at regular intervals.

In addition to this, Rochester has a fairly high acceptance rate and the faculty-to-student ratio is good. The University of Rochester is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). And the tuition is around $58,208 tuition.

Founded In: 1850

Tuition: $58,208 (before aid)

Acceptance Rate: 30%

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  1. Fordham University

Through its partnership with the Alvin Ailey School, Fordham University’s BFA Dance program gives students a well-rounded liberal arts education. Students gain the best of both worlds.

A highly rated university, this private school offers one dance degree program. Students can also choose from more than 60 majors. That’s not all, its curriculum covers literature, history, science, theology, philosophy, and the arts.

Founded in 1841 as St John’s College, Fordham espouses the Jesuit tradition of intellectual exercise and respect for the individual. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the Middle States Association. Admission is quite competitive. This school admits an average of 35 students to the Ailey/BFA Dance program each year.

Accreditation: HLC

Acceptance rate: 30%

Students-Faculty Ratio: 13:1

Tuition Fee: $58,208

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  1. The Hammond School

The Hammond School was established in 1917. It offers special dance, drama, and music courses for young people ages 11 to 16+.  In addition, it has a Performing Arts Center, a dance studio, and a music suite. There are also options for adults who have already completed their A-Levels.

They can choose from Pilates Level, Zumba classes, fitness training, and others. Also, there is a prep school for entry in year 3 – and for all those who show great skill in the performing arts. Dance students from the school have graduated into companies such as Phoenix Dance Theater, English National Ballet, The Australian Ballet, Lithuanian National Ballet, and Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures.

Accreditation: SACSCOC

Rate of Acceptance: 96%

Students-Faculty Ratio: 17:1

Tuition Fee: $19,898

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  1. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria, Cumbria introduces students to the life of performing arts. This school is recognized by the British Government. As a result, it is listed on the education list of recognized UK awarding institutions. As part of performance opportunities, games, rehearsals, mini-lectures form part of regular academic life.

Accreditation : UK Government

Rate of Acceptance: 73%

Students-Faculty Ratio: 16:5

Tuition Fee: £9,250

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  1. Folkwang University of the Arts

This is one of the best contemporary dance schools in the world. It is based in Germany and was formed in 1927. It offers music, theater, dance, design, and other academic studies.

The Institute of Contemporary Dance which teaches contemporary dance styles and other dance genres is a part of the University. You will bag a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Arts degree when you finish the dance program.

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  1. Brent Street School

Another best contemporary school in the world is Brent Street School. This is Australia’s leading school for performing arts, located in Sydney. For over 35 years this dance school has nurtured great talents. Most of Australia’s successful dancers are products of this prestigious school. The classes for children, teenagers, youths, and adults are tailored to fit their lives and meet their demands.

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  1. Butler University

The practical aspects of this school’s program emphasize intense work. There’s an opportunity to take part in classical ballet shows like Swan Lake, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. The entire full-time dance faculty in a ballet class tests and judges the students.

Thereafter, they take another ballet class with current dance majors. Butler University gives access to a conditioning room, sessions with an athletic trainer, fully equipped dance studios, and art partnerships. The likes of the Indianapolis Opera, Symphonic Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Dance Kaleidoscope are a few of such opportunities.

Founded In: 1855

Tuition: $61,950 (before aid)

Acceptance Rate: 73%

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  1. University of Buffalo, SUNY

University at Buffalo is a top-rated public university in Amherst, New York in the Buffalo Area. They offer 2 Dance Degree programs. It is a large institution with a fairly competitive acceptance rate of 57 percent.

There are also other popular majors. These include business, social science, research methods, and psychology. Graduating students of Buffalo University go on to earn as much as $40,800 in the start.

Tuition: $24,740

Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

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  1. Point Park University

Point Park University is located in Downtown Pittsburgh, United States. The BFA in dance in this prestigious University takes about four years and covers a wide range of programs.

Students in the dance department receive thorough training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. This school welcomes international students into its dance programs and many go on to qualify for scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

Acceptance Rate: 10%

Accreditation: National Association of Schools of Dance

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  1. The Place

Located in the heart of London, The Place is a creative powerhouse for dance training and innovation. This is one of the best creative schools for training students in dance performance.

Students can select from a wide range of classes, courses, and professional programs for creatives. The classes are suitable for adult dancers and youths as well as kids. The place adopts innovation in dance by giving students a robust experience in the liberal arts.

Tuition: N/A

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  1. The Royal Ballet School – London

The final in our list of best dance schools in the Royal Ballet School in London. This school is unarguably one of the top dance schools in the UK and around the world. The Academy of Choreographic Art was the initial name. Dame Ninette de Valois is the name of the ballet dancer who founded it.

The School offers an eight-year structured dance course, with a broad academic program. The aim is to raise great classical ballet dancers, especially for the Royal Ballet. As a result, it has trained many wildly successful dancers in the world today.

Founded in 1926

Acceptance rate: 10 -15%

Tuition: £30,240 (Upper School)


16 – National Ballet of Canada’s School (NBS) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

National Ballet of Canada’s School was established in North America in 1956. It is one of the leading dance schools in the world and one of the best schools to study ballet.

Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca founded this ballet school in the northernmost country of North America in 1959. It has become one of the world’s leading schools for those who desire a life of ballet dancing or teaching the ballet. They boast themselves as the only ballet school in North America with an internationally influential training program.  National Ballet of Canada’s School is the finest ballet training Canada has to offer and the institution churns out graduates who almost always wind up dancing in ballet companies across the globe. Primarily they move on to the National Ballet of Canada.

17– San Francisco Ballet School – San Francisco, California, United States of America

San Francisco Ballet School is one of the best ballet schools in the United States of America and the world

Founded in 1933 the  San Francisco Ballet School is the oldest in the United States. it was established along with the San Francisco Operatic and Ballet School. Adolph Bolm was the founding director and he opened the doors to offer an education in ballet, tap, modern, and interpretive dance. Originally located in the William Taylor Hotel some classes were held in Berkeley, Burlingame, Oakland, and other surrounding areas. Since its inception San Francisco has constantly been considered the ballet hub of the West Coast. For some time now the San Francisco Ballet School has been training some of the world’s best ballet dancers. Many famous ballet dancers have attended their summer intensive program.

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  1. The Australian Ballet School – Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Dame Margaret Scott founded this ballet school in 1964 as a part of the Australian Ballet Centre located in the Melbourne Arts Precinct. This is the first step to any Australian that would like to dance the ballet with the Australian Ballet Company. This school celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2014. Their mission is to “be at the forefront, internationally, as providers of unique, professional dance training” programs. According to their website they not only focus on excellence in ballet and dance but hold their students to a high moral It is considered one of the best ballet schools in Australia and the world. If you are in Australia check out this school.

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  1. La Escuela National de Danza – Havana, Cuba

One of the  newer schools in the list is this ballet academy, it was founded in 1998 with the direction of Alicia Alonso. Today their instructors are members and professors from the National Ballet of Cuba. Their mission is to allow their pupils strengthen their practice of classical techniques and other styles and incorporate them with the passion and manifestation of Cuban ballet. They have a huge emphasis on Latin American culture in this particular institution focused on the ballet.

20.The John Cranko School – Stuttgart, Germany

 In 1961 John Cranko settled in Stuttgart with the idea to start a ballet institution. He dreamed of a place where the gifted youth of the world would study with the Ballet Company of the State Theatre Stuttgart. In 1971 the John Cranko school opened up to accept its first pupils. This German dance school is considered one of the best places to train in ballet in the whole world. This is where dancers go after a big win to sharpen their skills. Once their training is complete they move on to the Company of the State Theatre or to other prestigious ballet companies.

John Cranko, the founder of this dance school settled in Stuttgart intending to start a ballet school with the dream of creating a place where that talented youth could study with the Ballet company of the state theatre.

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21.The School of American Ballet – New York City, New York, United States

George Balanchine founded this  famous ballet school in 1934. He brought with him the dedication to perfection he himself learned at the Imperial Ballet School when he trained there. Balanchines also knew that any successful ballet academy had to be closely associated with a prestigious ballet company. He felt it was time to create a chief ballet troupe in the United States. That is how the New York City Ballet was formed. The initial intention of The School of American Ballet was to train dancers for the ballet company.

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22.The Paris Opera Ballet School – Paris, France

Louis XIV founded the ballet institution that makes it to the top of our list in the year 1713. At first children were not meant to attend. Seven years later they formed the first regulations that would enable children to learn ballet. Four years after that Louis XVI enlarges the school’s repertoire-allowing enrollment of children under the age of twelve. His belief being that the younger they learn the easier it will be. By the end of the Romantic period the school was struggling. Still it remained intact due to generous donations. This ballet school has been educating the world’s finest ballet dancers for more than three centuries. It has remained in the top three slots as best ballet education in the world and from what we can tell; it isn’t going down anytime soon.

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23.The Vaganova School – St. Petersburg, Russia

This Russian school dates back to 1738 when established as the Imperial Theatrical School. Jean-Baptiste, a French master of ballet was the first director. Their first year of enrollment consisted of twelve boys and twelve girls. Again, this school was started, like the others, to create a professional dance company in Russia. Famous dancers from the 19th century that either trained there or became teachers include Mikhail Fokine, Jules Perrot, and Charles, Didleot. Once Lenin died in 1924, St. Petersburg became Leningrad and the Imperial Ballet School was no longer in existence by order of the new government. They also disbanded the Imperial Russian Ballet. A new company was born under the name of Soviet Ballet. In 1957 the Leningrad State Choreographic School

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24.Royal Danish School of Ballet – Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal Danish School of Ballet is a good ballet school and has been in existence for over two centuries. It is one of the best ballet schools in Europe.

This dance school was established in 1771 with the direction of under the direction of Pierre Laurent, the French ballet teacher. Most of their students end up at the Royal Danish Ballet.

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25.The Sunhwa Arts High School – Seoul, South Korea

The Sunhwa Arts High School is another honorable mention on our list of the best ballet schools in the world. Although it was established in 1974, it has proven itself a  worthy contender in the world of ballet.

This Asian dance school imposes high standards on their students, no wonder their students are outstanding and end up at the Universal Ballet of Korea.

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Check out the best dance schools in different cities In The World:

New York City: here are dance schools in Newyork city

Queens College

American Musical Dramatic Academy

Pace University

Marymount Manhattan College

London: here is the list of ballet schools in London

Royal Ballet School

University of East London

Kingston University

Royal Academy of Dance

Conservatoire for dance and Drama


Nicholson school of dance

The Carey academy

Steps dance academy

Dance Exchange

Elmhurst ballet School


The studio dance academy

Northern ballet school

La suerte dance school

Prime dance

Tiva pole dance

 Adults Dance Schools Near me

  • University of California
  • The University of the Arts
  • Point Park University
  • University of Arizona
  • National Dance Institute
  • The Young Americans College of the Performing arts

 Best Hip Hop Dance Schools in the World

Bounce is the signature move of hip-hop music. This genre of dance evolved as part of hip-hop culture. As far as hip hop is concerned, these are among the best schools in the world:


  • Flow Dance Academy
  • New World Dance Academy
  • DivaDance
  • Ballet Kukan Academy
  • Hip Hop Pop’s Dance School

FAQs on best Dance schools in the world

Who is the Best dance teacher in the world?

There are no legends without teachers. This list features the best instruction in terms of contribution to dance education:

  1. George Balanchine
  2. Paul Taylor
  3. Alvin Ailey
  4. Katherine Duham
  5. Shane Sparks
  6. Phil Black
  7. Martha Graham
  8. Sue Samuel.

How Much Does Dance School Usually Cost?

The cost varies depending on the conditions and your instructor. The fees can range roughly, from about $15,000 to over $70,000 a year.

On average, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a dance school costs about $50,000 a year for international students

Which Country is Best for a Dance Career?

The US. This country first introduced dancing as formal education. And most of its cities are famous for dance. In fact, NYC is considered to be the Dance Capital of the world and home to the best professional dancers.

What is the Famous Dance School?

There are many prestigious dance schools in the world. Some of the most famous dance schools can be found in NYC, the dance capital of the world. The well-known ones are:


  • The Juilliard School
  • New York University
  • Pace University
  • Brenau University


Ballet is one of the most popular dance styles in the world. It requires years of training and practice to master it and make a career out of it.

There are many ballet schools around the globe but, only a few stand out as the best of the best.  We hope that you found this article on the25 top best ballet schools in the world informative.

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