11 Cheapest Masters Degree in USA 2022

A significant portion of young adults in the USA are returning to university to pursue an advanced degree, and the majority of them are self-funded. Students must demonstrate the ability to pay for their education for admission into a graduate program.

This means that these master’s degree programs are the cheapest in the USA and can be a valuable source of information that can save many students losing their opportunity to pursue a graduate degree.

The majority of the universities which charge a reasonable tuition charge are public universities in the region. While they might not be popular but their education quality is higher than average.

Cheapest Masters Degree in USA 2022

Join us as we look at these masters degrees that are the least expensive in the USA.


Why Go for Your Masters in the USA?

USA remains the most sought-after country to earn a master’s degree. The reasons are the foundation of the discussion within this chapter.

The USA is well-known for its high-quality education, education that is based on the latest technology, and a drive to excellence. Graduate programs are rigorously researched.

Students can also be employed at their institutions and receive reimbursement for their expenses. Students who choose to take advantage of this option are employed as research assistants or as interns for an experienced professor. It helps students gain professional experience.

Students get their master’s degrees from America. USA with a larger vision in mind, which includes doing work after their the completion of their studies. Because the USA is a country with a good level of living standard, the employers offer an adequate pay. It is a stress-free workplace and a pleasant work atmosphere.

Finally, there are a myriad of opportunities to fund students from both countries. The university, in partnership with other organizations offers a variety of funding options that you could apply for. It is vital to be eligible for these because masters education is expensive in USA is costly.

How is the Masters Tuition Determined in USA?

Graduate degrees are research-intensive so tuition charges are contingent on the amount of credit hours that are taken in a semester. While the majority of schools utilize this method, some have opted for a flat tuition per method of program.

What is the cost of a master’s degree? This article will help you understand it all.

We’ve previously mentioned that the tuition for masters degrees in USA institutions can prove quite expensive particularly for students who are in well-known universities.

On this page, you’ll see that the majority of universities that are considered to be the most affordable aren’t very well-known. But, their programs are of an excellent quality.

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The most affordable masters degrees in the USA are listed below, but not in any purchase.

#1 Fitchburg State University

The cheapest masters program in the USA can be found at Flitchurg State University.

Flitchurg State University is a university for public use that is located within Fitchburg, Massachusetts. It was established in 1894. Fitchburg state is known for its excellent professional programs and solid libral sciences and arts studies.

The masters program has an emphasis on career-oriented education.

11 Cheapest Masters Degree in USA

The most important characteristics of this college are its small class sizes as well as hands-on, professional education. the ability of professors to be accessible.

In reality, the masters program includes both offline and online classes.

This master that is the cheapest in the USA includes these characteristics:

Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Tuition Fee: Master’s cost per credit for tuition is $334.00. The masters degree online accelerated to MBA costs $417.00 or for M. Ed is $372.00.

Course Duration: 1.5 Years


#2 Lehigh University

Lehigh University is a private institution located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania found in 1865.

The most prestigious master’s degree at Lehigh includes the Master’s degree in computer science.

This masters in computer science program is a cutting-edge study across a range of disciplines such as information and database systems, Internet search, graphics web-based user interfaces including imaging and multimedia processing as well as bioinformatics and intelligent systems.

Additionally, they provide in-depth instruction on computing architecture and robotics, as well as secure networks, systems embedded systems, as well as mobile computing.

While it’s one of the most affordable masters degrees within the USA, Lehigh ranks high as a top institution to train the future generation of scholars in an academic atmosphere that thrives on creativity collaboration, and innovation.

Affiliation: NAICU

Tuition Cost: Tuition is per credit hour: MBA $870 MS/Analytical Finance, Science Engineering, Health, and Health $1500; MS Accounting and Information Analysis $1,280. Masters of Science in Management 9 months programme (30 credit hours) $49,530

The duration of the course is 2 years and an Accelerated 1 Year MBA


#3 University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas is a university that is public situated in Conway, Arkansas. Established in 1907, it was originally known in the form of Arkansas State Normal School, the institution is among oldest universities in Arkansas. U.S. state of Arkansas.

In addition, students are able to apply for this masters degree at the University of Central Arkansas either as a full-time or as an in-person program.

There are more than 33 master’s degrees to pick from.

11 Cheapest Masters Degree in USA 2022

At UCA students are able to develop into mature professionals, and are prepared to assume the leadership role with a deep understanding about computing science and the applications within cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary fields.

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Tuition Fee Tuition Fee $354 flat fee per credit hour, and $4,376.62 per 12 hour period.

Course Duration: 1.5 Years


#4 New Mexico Highlands University

New Mexico Highlands University opened its doors in 1898, in Las Vegas

Master’s of Science at New Mexico Highlands University teaches students the latest modern, most up-to-date and cutting-edge methods they require after graduating. With a student-to-class ratio of 15:1, it’s one of the top schools located in New Mexico.

This masters degree that is the cheapest in the USA contains the following features:

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Tuition Fee: in state students $221 and $4040 for out-of-state/international students

Course Duration: 1.5 to 2 Years


#5 Mississippi Valley State University

Mississippi Valley State University is an institution of higher education that is co-educational and public founded in 1950. It is the newest institution within the Mississippi Public University System.

The University provides some of the best affordable and inexpensive masters degree programs in the USA.

The Masters program in Mississippi Valley State University trains students in advanced and core classes.

Research opportunities are of high-quality opportunities with scientists that prepare students for becoming a successful carer.

Being one of the most affordable masters degrees available in the USA Take note of the information below;

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Tuition Fee: $9,114

Course Duration: 2 Years


#6 California State University San Bernardino Campus

California State University, San Bernardino is a private university located in San Bernardino, California. It was established in 1965 and was one of 23 campuses in the California State University system.

In California State University, there more than 41 masters degrees for students to apply for.

The Master of Science in Computer Science is the most well-known degree offered at the university.

In addition, the program is designed to be technically oriented for students who want to learn or expand their knowledge within the field that is computer science.

It assists students in developing skills in problem-solving, analytical and practical capabilities in computer science through advanced courses as well as directed software development. directed research and independent study.

Tuition Costs: $2,709.83(0-6 units), $4215.83 (6+ units)

Course Duration: 2 Years


#7 Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago (Loyola LUC) or LUC) is an independent Jesuit research university located in Chicago, Illinois.

Established around 1870 under the Society of Jesus, Loyola is among the biggest Catholic institutions located in the United States.

The masters program at Loyola is intended for current and future professionals who are responsible for creating and implementing, operating and managing information systems.

Students develop a broad understanding of both the current and new technologies used in the industry.

The cheapest masters degree available in the USA includes the following features:

Tuition Fee: Tuition fees each credit-hour for master’s degrees, excluding medical sciences is $1,055. Medical sciences $1,920, and English $360.

Course Duration: 2 Years


#8 Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University is a public institution located in the California northern bay region. It was established in the year 1961.

In Sonoma State University, Masters programs are multidisciplinary and built upon a solid base of Physics and Mathematics, Computer Science and/or Electrical Sciences and are recognized in the category of PSM courses from the Council of Graduate Schools.

It applies these areas for analysis, design and the synthesis of issue solutions.

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the California State Board of Education

Tuition Fee $9,386 is the tuition rate for residents of the campus and $6,336 for students who are not residents.

Course Duration: 1 Year VISIT SCHOOL

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#9 San Diego State University

San Diego State University (SDSU) is a private research university that is located in beautiful La Jolla, San Diego, California.

It was established in 1897. It was originally known as San Diego Normal School, it is the third oldest university in the area.

In reality, it’s one of the most affordable masters degrees in the USA.

A very awaited MS programs is the Master in Business Administration ( Information System). It helps students prepare to lead a career within Information Systems.

Tuition Fee: $9,570

Course Duration: 1.5 Years

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#10 University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a public land-granted research university located located in Fayetteville, Arkansas founded in 1871.

It is renowned for its outstanding programs that focus on architecture as well as agriculture, communication, creative writing history, law, and law.

Its MBA program in Supply Chain Management program was rated the top program within North America by Gartner in July of 2020.

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.

Tuition Fee: $10.336 and $28,042 for non-residents and residents respectively.

Course Duration: 2 Years

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#11 Dakota State University

Dakota State University (DSU) is a university that is public situated in Madison, South Dakota. It was established in 1881.

Incredibly, it is one of the most technologically sophisticated universities of the Midwest. The master of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management at DSU offers healthcare professionals with a professional background and advanced knowledge of IT.

Thus, graduates are employed as healthcare IT specialists.

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Tuition Cost: $370.00 per credit hour

Course Duration: 2-2.5 Years

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Other schools include California State University Chico Campus:Just like its contemporary campus in San Bernando, the Chico Campus is also well-known for its masters degree in computer science. It offers students an excellent experience.

Master’s degree in Computer Science from California State University-Chico Campus is a breakthrough in knowledge of the fields of computing where students are able to investigate diverse areas of application by taking elective classes.

The cheapest masters degree available offered in the USA is highly evaluated as an outstanding regional public institution within the West.

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Tuition Cost: $3,116.00 for 0-6 units and $4,622.00 for units with 6+ units

Course Duration: 1.5 to 2 Years



There are many low-cost masters degrees within the USA. These schools, which appear unpopular, actually have the highest ratings as the top universities.

In conclusion, you could obtain a top-quality masters training at these low-cost and accessible schools within the USA. Sometimes quality and price are inextricably linked!





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